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Welcome to, home of the Pediatric Cancer Data Commons (PCDC).

The Pediatric Cancer Data Commons is an international leader in data harmonization and democratization. Headquartered at the University of Chicago, we work with groups around the world to expand access to pediatric cancer data for oncologists and researchers.

The PCDC Data Portal is a unified home for clinical data on pediatric cancers, available to all researchers. Use our cohort explorer and other analytic tools to explore the available data and assess study feasibility. Line-level data may be requested through our project application process.

GEARBOx, developed by the PCDC in partnership with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, is a decision-support tool for use by clinicians and nurse navigators to identify potential clinical trials to enroll their patients, based on the patient’s clinical and genomic testing and information abstracted from the trial protocol.

Join us in working toward a world where access to high-quality data is never a barrier to curing diseases and improving human health. Use the links on this page to access the PCDC Data Portal and GEARBOx, find documentation and help with our tools, and learn more about us at our website.

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